$3.75 Crumbs Bakery

First up, Crumbs Bakery red velvet cupcake! I have to disclose that I’ve eaten a Crumbs red velvet cupcake before and didn’t think it was anything special. I’d go as far as to say I regretted eating it. That said I’m glad I gave them another chance.

So Crumbs is a well-known and loved bakery with locations along the east coast, IL and CA. I went to the 8th St. location in Greenwich Village for my trip; it’s right on the way to NYU so I took my cupcake to class for dinner. I should’ve taken a picture of it, but ended up taking a bite before I remembered to. Oh well.

The most important part of a red velvet cupcake is the frosting and the frosting was just right (not too sweet so my teeth didn’t hurt). I’m generally a fan of sprinkles/jimmies but am a cream cheese frosting purist so I would’ve passed on them and the crumbled red velvet cake on top.

Speaking of cake, the difficulty in red velvet is the cake texture; too often it comes out dry. Crumbs’ texture was adequate, not dry but could’ve been moister (is that even a word??). There was plenty of frosting though, so I could take every bite of cake with some frosting.

Overall, I give Crumbs a “good” rating. I will say the service at this location was excellent. I overheard a worker describing some of the cupcakes to another patron and it was clear he was a cupcake connoisseur and very good at articulating the nuances of each cupcake.

Off to the next one…