Tuckerman’s Ravine with Blue Cheese and Carmelized Onions

This weekend, I was dragged along on an adventure to ski Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Skiing sounds fun, it’s the getting there that’s brutal. Truth be told, the skiing was a little brutal too.

It works like this…wear comfortable hiking clothes and boots, pack extra clothes/jacket, hat, gloves, etc. in case the temp drops or the wind picks up. (Mt. Washington is notorious for having the worst weather in the world). Pack your ski boots in your pack and attach your skis to the outside of the pack. Place oversized 50 lb. pack on your back and hike 3.2 miles up Mt. Washington to the base of the Ravine. Once at the Ravine, you put on your warming layers, swap your hiking boots for ski boots, grab your skis and poles and proceed to hike up the ravine to a spot that looks like a good starting point. When you’ve had your fill of skiing (generally one run because the hike up is brutal, the picture doesn’t do the steepness justice), you swap out your gear for hiking gear, attach your skis to your 50 lb. pack and hike the 3.2 miles back down Mt. Washington.

The only one who had fun on this hike was my dog, Milo. He loved it and was my only source of joy the whole day. Him, and the big burger I had for dinner. By the time we got back down, not only did my quads burn like crazy, I was starved and desperate to eat something, anything.

And what I really wanted was a burger. My official favorite burger topping is blue cheese. It gets a little melty and is just yummy blue cheese yumminess. Add some caramelized onions to the mix and I’m in heaven. No condiments, tomatoes or lettuce; they only ruin the pure flavor explosion about to happen. I prefer my burger on an english muffin (cutting back on carbs) but that night, I went all out for the whole wheat bun. Let’s face it, I earned it!

So, now I’m back in the city and ready to re-start my red velvet cupcake madness. Just in time, Sprinkles opens in the big apple tomorrow….